"If I feel overwhelmed, they must feel it ten times as much."

This was an accurate observation from a fellow mom who spoke the truth.

I remember feeling the same way about my son, who is on the autism spectrum. I looked around our house and started to see our surroundings through his eyes. By doing so, I was able to pinpoint ways to make him feel more at ease.

Sometimes the things we surround ourselves with can be a tricky maze of sensory issues for our child. We may have had no idea, or we just realized it's a bigger problem than we thought. That's ok.

If you are new to this journey or have been around for a while, don't be afraid to ask for help. Or to say you don't understand. Or take things slow. The most important part is that you and your child feel heard and validated.

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

"Katie has helped my family so much, it's amazing to see the way my daughter can take control of and navigate her space with Katie's help."

About Me

Hi! I'm Katie Sanders, your Sensory Designer and friction problem-solver. It's a pleasure to meet you!

As a highly sensitive child, I didn't understand why I couldn't process as much sensory input as other kids. I was labeled as moody and shy, but it's only been later in life that I have found my brain processes things differently and am an HSP with auditory processing disorder and dyslexia. A blessing in disguise, this now allows me to understand my son's needs very well.

My specialties swirl around assessing how colors, shapes, placement, textures, smells and other stimuli influence a person's feelings and behavior. I also believe nature plays a huge factor in settling the nervous system. These ingredients allow me to create personalized spaces that help calm your child's particular sensitivities.

My goal is to help families become brilliant support systems for their children, without depleting themselves.

Read on to view my mission and core values.

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"I cannot think of anyone better for this type of job than Katie. When you first meet her you are hit with a sense of calming. She is so knowledgeable in this area. I have seen how she creates a lovely, calm environment for her own son, as well as other children. She is very passionate about this and would be an asset to any family that is struggling to create the space they need. I highly recommend her."

What I stand for...

Safety: I truly believe in creating safe spaces for all including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities (visible and invisible), and all oppressed communities. Your work with me is confidential and personal. The space we work within is sacred and safe for you to provide vulnerable information without judgment or assumptions.

Validation: Your human experience is absolutely real in all forms. I believe you. Many of us were not validated throughout our lives and my mission is to make sure you are seen, heard and believed.

Advocacy: I learned early on how to advocate for my son through the school and medical systems. I continue my advocacy through sustained monetary support of non-profits that support human rights for oppressed communities, especially when it comes to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse students and their families.

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"You are extremely patient, and very creative, and able to execute your idea in the most organized ways.

Work With Me

To limit sensory overload, together we will use a variety of tools to design welcoming spaces that make sense to your child. We work in tandem using your observations to help build the autonomy and rhythms your child craves. We also work with your therapist's recommendations to bridge their expertise into your home.

Need help bringing those ideas home? Here is a free Session Notes download (no email required) to take notes and track progress at your next appointment. I can then use these to zero in on the problem areas your child is having.

I love working with families to create…

  • Sensory Sanctuaries
  • Morning/Evening Routines
  • End-of-Day Cleanup Rituals
  • Station Creation
  • Reading Nooks
  • Toy Management
  • Screentime Habits
  • Sensory Activities
  • Sensory Forecasts
  • Home/School Transitions
  • Meal Plans
  • Travel Tactics
  • School Break Ideas
  • Organizing Solutions
  • Family Support
  • Advocacy Strategies

  • Services

    Intro Session

    One 30-minute Phone/Video Call


    Full Session

    60-minute Phone/Video Calls


    Sliding scale available for all services.

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    "You are personable, easy to converse with, and have a way of interpreting and understanding what it is that they are trying to say. You're like a mind reader."

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you help organize my home?
    I do! But from afar. I can help you set up systems for organizing via video chat and can help you make decisions when digging into the problem areas. If you have a shorter session, try to prioritize as many big friction points as possible so I can be of the most help. I always try to end our session with momentum into our next one, or instruction on how you can complete ideas yourself.

    My situation is unique. Can you handle it?
    I view every family and child as unique, but I can't handle every situation. I would love to know more about your family and if I can't help, I can point you towards someone who can.

    Are the sessions phone or video only?
    At this time yes due to COVID-19. Get on my email list if you are interested in in-person services at a later time in the Seattle area.

    What if I fall sick?
    I can easily reschedule if you contact me 24 hours before our session. If you cancel the same day, my availability may be full and your next appointment may be pushed further out.

    Do you offer refunds?
    No, all sales are final and non-refundable.

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    (425) 373-5787   •   create@abeneficialspace.com

    Have questions? You can email or book an intro session to get started.

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    "I can vouch for her. She has so much knowledge in this area!"